I am all about health

I specialise in histamine intolerance, autoimmunity, mast cell activation, and ageing well

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Hello, I am Alison

Are you doing a lot but not making the progress you would like with your health? 

I help people identify the missing pieces preventing health restoration and aging well.

I also mentor emerging coaches and practitioners to work successfully with chronic health issues. 

I am all about health

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How Can I Help?

Health is not a disease. 

The process of restoring health is fundamentally different from merely managing symptoms or a diagnosis.

I have over a decade’s experience in resolving histamine intolerance, autoimmunity, mast cell activation, and aging well.

I am all about health.

Basic Principles

I identify with precision what is blocking the body’s ability to heal and what precisely will restore health.

I also teach you how to listen to your body’s innate wisdom so you can transform your health and age well.

I cannot reverse diseases but I can guide you on restoring your health.

Let Me Be Your Guide

  I teach what I have mastered.

Every day in my practice, I see people frustrated that they are not making the progress they would like with their health and how to age well.

I teach you how to access your body’s inbuilt healing programs to optimize your health.


I know Health

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From online self-paced courses to working intensively with me, my way of working represents a completely new approach to health restoration.

Alison Vickery, Health, Australia


The Be.Well Program to take charge of your health once and for all


The ART of Health Program to work with the autonomic nervous system

What People Say

“My health was a jigsaw puzzle that was missing so many pieces. Since working with Alison so many pieces of my puzzle have been found.”

maria, australia

“I feel so much more like me again! I'm able to do so many things, that I have not been able to do in a long time. Thank you for helping me to function like a normal person again!"

KAREN, united states of america

"Working with Alison means I am on the right track to get back to good and full health. It feels amazing to start to feel well again and to be able to enjoy life and have the energy I want and need to be able to work, relax and have fun!"

fiona, united kingdom