About Alison

About Alison

Over ten years ago, my health was turned inside out. 

I acquired histamine intolerance, then mast cell activation, and an acquired brain injury. 

Today I can eat what I want and have more or less restored my health and as a 60-something I am focused on ageing well. 

Over ten years ago, my health was turned inside out. 

It started with being prescribed Metformin®, a medication for insulin resistance that led to histamine intolerance. 

A series of severe adverse reactions to medications saw me diagnosed with mast cell activation, chronic fatigue syndrome,  and an acquired brain injury.

I then moved into a water-damaged house and was diagnosed with chronic inflammatory response syndrome. 

The pivotal moment in my health journey was when a professor of immunology told me,

“You need to learn to keep yourself well without medication.”

I could hear myself thinking, “What do you mean I’m sick” but then the penny dropped.

I was busy getting sick instead of getting healthy!

What’s more, I had no idea how to keep myself well, which was why I was busy getting sick.

And so my health and wellness journey began.

I sought out cutting-edge mentors who could teach me what I needed to know to restore my health and continue to do so. 

After mastering my health, I have been paying forward those teachings by mentoring hundreds of people on how to get busy getting healthy.

I qualified as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner®.

I have also been mentored by some leading researchers on gut health, the immune system, and pharmacogenomics. 

However, the turning point in my approach to healing was when Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt trained me. His work forms much of my approach today. 

I also continue to advocate for better prescribing practices. 

I’ve appeared in an Australian Government health inquiry and obtained two recommendations.

I’ve also appeared on the National News and A Current Affair, promoting better prescribing practices.

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Alison's Approach

Since training as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner®, Alison’s approach has changed to incorporate not only laboratory testing but the use of autonomic response testing.

Health is not a disease.

The medical model is focused on diseases.

Medical interventions control biochemical reactions, such as histamine, mast cells, and the immune system.

This approach may suppress symptoms but will not restore our health.

Health requires an entirely different approach to ill health. 


The body has inbuilt healing programs.

When the body is unwell, it attempts to restore health by running its inbuilt healing programs.

We can support our bodies to run these healing programs by removing stressors and supporting rebalancing.

When we restore balance, we restore health.


Balancing the autonomic nervous system is key.

The body’s health programs involve four key phases intended to restore health.

The final phase involves restoring the function of the autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system is responsible for communicating healing instructions from the brain to organs and cells.

I use autonomic response testing, a form of applied kinesiology developed by Dr. Klinghardt, to test the autonomic nervous system and identify healing opportunities.

When we balance the autonomic nervous system, we restore health. 

There are five integrated levels of healing.

To heal, we need to focus on five integrated levels:

The physical level is the foundation on which other levels rely for cellular energy.

The energy level is how our autonomic nervous system adapts our organ and cell function to stressors.

The mental level is how our beliefs, emotions, and thoughts alter other levels.

The intuitive level is how our inherited unconscious beliefs alter other levels.

The spiritual level is our connection to the grace and mystery of life.

Stressors can happen on any of these levels and affect all five levels.

This means that physical symptoms can emanate from other levels, and non-physical symptoms can emanate from the physical level.

Health requires us to resolve the stressor on the level it emanates. 

Learning to listen to and trust our body transforms our health.

Our body constantly communicates with us.

When stressed, we can become disconnected from our bodies.

We can learn to reestablish trust and connection with our bodies.

When we learn to listen to our bodies and initiate a conversation with our bodies, we can restore health.

Let me be your guide.

What People Say

“Alison is a rare gem! She went to the source of what was going on with my health and my energy levels are higher and it’s so much easier to work, play and enjoy life..”

Jonathon, australia

"By using her amazing knowledge, resources and the latest medical testing she put me back on track to feeling good. I feel much better now both mentally and physically and I have more understanding of how to maintain my new found good health. Thanks Alison you have been life changing for me."