Over the last year, I have been experimenting with repairing the electrical body.

The impact on my own health has been profound.

The electrical body includes the autonomic nervous system, which regulates cells, tissues, organs, and physical body structures.

So the electrical body is essential to mast-cells acting in an orderly fashion.

Indeed, Dr. Klinghardt teaches that without a functioning autonomic nervous system, health will be stunted.


How The Electrical Body Works

The electrical body is not magic. It’s biophysics.

The body works similarly to the magnets in the video above.

Atoms bond to form molecules, molecules bond to form chemicals, chemical bond to form cells, cells form tissues, tissues form organs, and organs form systems, and the systems form a body to function as a whole.

This bonding process is performed by the electrical body, which provides the instructions to hold it together (through magnetism) and perform specific functions (through electricity).

This is why bio-hacking your electrical body can improve health, including mast cell function.


These electrical processes also rely on oxygen.

Biophysical stressors, as I will shortly explain, can disrupt the supply of oxygen.

And research shows that hypoxia (or insufficient oxygen at a cellular level) can result in mast cell activation. Oxygen is essential to not only life but to mast-cells themselves.

So simplistically, hypoxia can be the price we pay for not being adapted to our biophysical environment.


When I first wrote this blog post, someone wrote to me and said that people should spend time in nature rather than use these interventions.

In theory, that is right. In practice, it is naive. Here is why.

Firstly, our body is adapted to the real thing.

If you are in good health, then simply spending most of your time outdoors (not merely an hour or so) will provide most of these benefits.

But for most of us, our lifestyle does not allow for that amount of time.

So the further away from nature you live, the more interventions you may need.

Secondly, our body is increasingly being exposed to artificial electrical energy, such as wifi, whether we like it or not.

As a minimum, we need to employ safety measures to protect our electrical body.

Thirdly, in my experience, when people are chronically unwell, it is common for their bodies to become inflamed and overwhelmed with toxins.

Supporting the electrical body can dramatically reduce the time needed to optimize health.

Fourthly, it is not necessary to adopt all of these interventions.

The main issue is identifying where the breakdown in the electrical body is happening and which precise intervention will restore it.

I typically find only a couple of interventions are needed.


Autonomic Response Testing

Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a physical examination that can assess the autonomic nervous system's health.

Healthy cells emit highly structured light. Unhealthy cells emit non-coherent light or none at all.

ART can detect whether the light is coherent or non-coherent. If the light is non-coherent, then the autonomic nervous system is blocked from self-regulation.

It can also determine what is triggering the cell danger response or activating the mast cell.

Other than trial and error, or clinical judgment, I am not aware of any other way of pinpointing precisely blocking the autonomic nervous system and, therefore, what one or two interventions are needed.

These findings can then be used to pinpoint the electrical body interventions (if any) that are needed.

Oura Ring

If you’ve ever been placed on a heart rate monitor and seen the blip on a screen, it measures heart rate variability (HRV).

Heart Rate Variability can be a measure of autonomic nervous system activity. A healthy individual has a high heart rate variability.

I like the Oura ring to track heart rate variability.


Our bodies are adapted to the earth.

The earth’s electrical field is called the  Schumann Resonance,  which is identical to our alpha brain waves, which control our body's bio-rhythms.   Similarly, the earth’s fluctuating geomagnetic frequencies transfer negatively charged electrons that recharge human cells.

Spending time in nature reconnects us to these natural frequencies.

The problem is that our bodies are now being bombarded with frequencies other than the Schumann resonance.

Wifi Remediation


I’ve previously written about EMFs and mast cell activation and the top 5 things you can do to improve your situation.

Simple steps, such as turning off wifi at night, can dramatically improve the electrical body function.

If you want to get into detailed solutions, I suggest that you read  The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology.

I see this as an increasingly overlooked issue in my client base with quick results.

Not only that, but Dr. Klinghardt has even proven that wifi dramatically escalated the growth of mold by 600%.

Pulsed Electric Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

pemf health benedits

PEMF has its roots in NASA and the Soviet space program.

It uses a full-body mat or a range of localized applicators to replicate the earth’s frequencies. This includes not only an electric field but fluctuating geomagnetic frequencies.

PEMF machines have been shown to reverse the effects of EMF exposure and dramatically improve oxygenation by improving micro-circulation.

Micro-circulation moves oxygen and nutrition into and waste products out of the cell.

I prefer the Bemer Pro because it has the research behind it. However, some of my clients have also had success with other PEMF mats.

Ionic Footbath


Another useful device, the ionic footbath, can help at the cellular level.

Voltage-gated ion channels sit on cells and are regulated by an electrical current near the channel. This channel moves oxygen and nutrition into and waste products out of the cell.

Ionic footbaths generate both negative and positive ions that appear to mimic the voltage-gated ion channels' electrical charge.

There is extensive research on the effectiveness of ionic footbaths for cellular detoxification.

Some of the earlier research criticized the ionic footbaths because they evaluated the color and discharge in the bathwater. The discharge in the footbath is immaterial.

Later research showed that the excretion of toxins via the stool and urine increases dramatically with ionic footbaths. So it is not in the bathwater!

I use the KiScience Advanced Hydrogen Detox Foot Spa. Other alternatives used in studies are the Ion cleanse by AMD and Platinum Detox Foot Spa.



I have recently started using the Somavedic, which is EMF harmonizing device. I absolutely love this device.

That is a glass orb blown with a uranium admixture (the same stuff in the famous Czech Republic green glass, which is completely safe), then inside there is a tesla coil surrounded by precious and semi-precious gemstones and two copper plates.

The Somavedic effectively blankets the area with healing frequency that may counterbalance any negative one’s. It also structures water.

Ascorbic Acid

ascorbic acid and emfs

The researcher Doris Loh has linked the use of ascorbic acid (a precise form of vitamin c) to protect from oxidative stress from EMFs and excessive sun exposure.

Given the link between hypoxia and mast-cell activation, is this why vitamin C can be useful with histamine intolerance?

Every cell of the body relies on ascorbic acid to mop up oxidative stress as a redox balancer. Ascorbic acid also enhances glutathione and alpha-lipoic acid and regenerates vitamin E. Could a glutathione deficiency actually be an ascorbic acid deficiency?

The requirement for ascorbic acid goes up exponentially with EMF exposure.

This approach agrees with that of Dr. Sarah Myhill (who uses vitamin C as one of her core protocols for CFS).

It does not agree with Morley Robbins' approach, which utilizes natural vitamin c sources. Our body uses ascorbic acid to balance oxidative stress.

Ascorbic acid sufficiency and contra-indications, including oxalate issues, can be checked on an organic acids test.


Structured Water

Water is fundamental to health.

Water dominates most of our cells and extracellular tissues.

It even fills the blood and the lymph, transporting oxygen and nutrients to cells and waste products away.

However, the ground-breaking work of Dr. Gerald Pollack discovered that water is not just water.

There are four phases of water; running water (like tap water), frozen water (like an ice cube), condensation (like on a bathroom mirror), and exclusion zone water (or EZ water, which accounts for over 70% of our body).

EZ water differs from other forms of water. It is highly structured and holds an electrical charge.

Its overall shape and structure enable toxins to be excluded and oxygen, water, and nutrients, to be made bio-available to the cell, leading Dr. Pollack to conclude that optimal cell and organ function was dependent on EZ water.

Within nature, glacial water and spring water is highly structured.

In our modern world, by the time water is stored in dams or filtered to remove impurities, its organizational structure is changed.

However,  Dr. Pollack found that a vortex puts enormous energy into it and increases EZ water. In fact, any energy put into water seems to create or build EZ water.

I recommend using the Somavedic to structure water. The Bemer Pro also puts energy into the water.


Bioactive Light Types

EZ water and cell function are also built by sunlight, which circulates through the body primarily through microcirculation.

If your modern lifestyle mimics nature, then few interventions are needed. Otherwise, interventions are aimed at mimicking nature.

If you’ve seen the northern lights, you will have seen the earth’s atmosphere filtering out non-beneficial light from the sun. Likewise, if you’ve seen a rainbow, you will have seen sunlight split out into different colors and wavelengths of light.

Far from being one light, sunlight is actually a range of colors and wavelengths, each with its own beneficial biological effect.

Ultra Violet Light

Ultraviolet light converts the steroids in your body to vitamin D needed for immunity and longevity. I use the dminder app to optimize my sun exposure.

Blue Light

Blue light modifies circadian rhythms, which oversee the physiological processes of our body.

Circadian rhythm disruption occurs when there is too little blue light in the morning (it is healthy to get sunlight exposure within 90 minutes of sunrise – so rise and shine!) and too much artificial light in the evening (such as television, computer, or phone usage after dark).

I use True Dark Daywalkers, which give sun (yellow) light when inside,  Night Swannies at sunset, and True Dark Twilight glasses an hour before bed. They have made a significant improvement in my deep-sleep.

Personally, I don’t turn on lights when inside – even after dark, but if this is not an option, you can also control lighting in your home with light bulbs that do the same.

Red and Deep Red Light

Red and deep red light heats our cells, which increase the amount of exclusion zone water that stimulates mitochondrial energy production, builds up the cells' antioxidant and anti-inflammatory defense systems, and upregulates cellular healing and regeneration.

I use the Red Light Therapy Company lightbox, as it is low in EMFs and comes with an app to optimize outcomes.

A word of warning. Many of the lightboxes I tested had extremely high EMFs, and once again, more is not better.

Green Light

A green light is also present in sunlight and is thought to have a protective function and improve defense mechanisms.

There are few commercially available green light forms (other than the Laser Watch, which I have not tried).

The only caution is that, like everything, light exposure can be done to excess. Part of light's role is to build resilience by stressing the body, so more is not better.  Sunburn anyone?


Heat, like light, builds EZ water.

The sun heats the body. So do infrared saunas.

Despite being named infrared, the benefit of infrared saunas is that they heat the body.

Since we are primarily interested in what is happening at a cellular level, EZ water is built to the point that the body starts sweating.  It is not necessary to stay in a sauna for more than 5 or so minutes beyond sweating.

I use the Radiant Health Sauna, which has low EMFs. I also like Clearlight Saunas.


Breathwork is one of the fastest ways to oxygenate our body and influence our autonomic nervous system.

The Wim Hof study demonstrated the efficacy of meditation, breathwork, and exposure to cold, to balance the immune system.

Heartmath also balances the autonomic nervous system by slowing breathing to 5-7 breaths per minute.

There are many ways to do breathwork. Yoga and Qigong are all excellent ways. I use the Emwave2.


Aerobic exercise can also balance the autonomic nervous system.

However, research shows that a Zen Chi machine, whose vibration mimics aerobic exercise, also does.

Specifically, beta waves decrease (meaning the stress levels are decreasing in the body), the alpha waves increase (meaning the body systems are relaxing), and the theta waves increasing (meaning the ability to have a deep sleep and ease of sleep).

The Zen Chi machine is perfect for improving micro-circulation, lymphatic flow, and anxiety. It also resolves constipation.

I regularly use a zen chi machine before taking a footbath or sauna.


Our alpha brain is synced to the Schumann resonance.

One way to move our electrical body back into balance is through higher state emotions such as joy, love, compassion, and gratitude.

Research shows that our mindset affects both branches of the autonomic nervous system.

Indeed, research by Joe Dispenza proved that just 5 – 10 minutes per day of high emotions (love, compassion, and gratitude) lead to a 49.5% increase in SIGA and 16.5% decrease in cortisol. How cool is that!

Time and time again, one of the key ways I see clients sabotaging their own health is by becoming addicted to emotions such as guilt, anger, shame, fear, or getting stuck in overanalysis and googling.

One of the main purposes of meditation is to shift our brain state.  I use Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations to make that happen! I also really like self-compassion practices.


It’s not just humans that are adapted to the environment; plants are also.

Dr. Gerald Pollack has found that many plants contain EZ water.  This is hardly surprising if you think about plants that wilt quickly, like greens, photosynthesis, and EZ water powerhouses. 

Dr. Michael Weber has also found plants that have photo-sensitive properties that enhance the beneficial effect of light.

This includes curcumin (blue light), Epigallocatechin gallate (red light), chlorophyll (red and blue light), and chlorophyllin (red and blue light). Photoactive+Kli combines water-soluble Chlorophyllin (green) with Phycocyanine (blue).

Dr. Klinghardt has also found that propolis and rosemary are protective of the brain when exposed to EMFs.


Functional health focuses largely on the physical body. Is there gut dysbiosis? Is there a methylation issue? What is the person’s diet like?

However, health happens on many levels, including the electrical or biophysical level.

Why do some people with mold illness easily detoxify mold, and others have to move into the desert to get health gains? Could these other levels explain why? I believe so.

It's my experience that the more inflamed and the more toxic a client is, the more likely they need some intervention to restore the electrical body.

Which bio-hacks a person needs will depend on how the client lives in a modern world and how health problems are presenting themselves.

It's my experience that one or two interventions only can restore the function of the electrical body.


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