November 09, 2018 1:09 am

Alison Vickery FDN-P

Addressing electromagnetic fields and their EMF health effects has profoundly improved my health and made me rethink the root cause of mast-cell activation.

Simplistically, EMFs are the electrical or magnetic charge associated with wi-fi, technology, and electrical current. I’ll explain more as we go.

Initially, it took me a long time to understand that EMF health effects could be taking their toll on my health.

I first heard Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt lecture on it about two years ago. I heard him lecture on it again recently and finally realised its paramount importance.

Recognizing the Invisible Impact of EMF Health Effects

Speaking personally, resistance and denial were my justification for not acting earlier on the EMF health effects.

Firstly, EMFs are difficult to relate to. How can something you cannot see cause health issues? Consequently, it was easy to think it was not happening to me. However, it was.

Secondly, the unknown seemed overwhelming. Having just mould remediated my house, the idea of EMF remediating my house was overwhelming. Nevertheless, I hired a meter and measured the sources of the EMFs in my house, found out they were only a few things, and resolved them one at a time.

Thirdly, there’s the issue of convenience. I’m all for convenience, but if someone had told me that if I made a few simple changes (not many – and yes, I still have an iPhone), I’d have more energy, a good night’s sleep, and my brain would feel less ‘wired,’ it would have been my priority.

Fourthly, dopamine addiction is real. The hits of dopamine we get from the endless texts, alerts, posts, and games are addictive. By putting my iPhone into airplane mode and not hearing the constant alerts, I spend more time on the things that make me happy.

Regardless of how important this matter is to you, I want to give you a simple overview so you can make an informed decision about how you use technology.

Simple safety strategies, like wearing a seatbelt when in a moving car, can help avoid EMF health effects.

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Understanding the Impact of EMF Health Effects on Homeostasis

The foundation of good health is homeostasis. 

Health happens on a spectrum.

At one end of the spectrum, the body can maintain homeostasis. It effortlessly attends to housekeeping (mostly at night), and as a result, there are few symptoms.

If the body encounters a stressor, it has an inbuilt process to restore homeostasis.

At the other end of the spectrum, the body cannot maintain homeostasis on its own, as cells have stopped functioning, and a disease process is underway. This is where medicine and surgery excel.

Meanwhile, histamine intolerance, mast cell activation, depression, and many other “syndromes” belong in the middle of these two extremes. Many symptoms are the body’s attempt to restore homeostasis. 

Importantly, EMFs are electrical stressors, and therefore EMF health effects impact homeostasis.

Exploring EMF Health Effects On Our Electromagnetic Bodies

We are all electromagnetic beings. The DNA in every cell of our body generates EMFs.

This is not new information or even controversial. For example, doctors use cardiographs to measure the heart’s EMFs.

Therefore, the issue is not whether the body is exposed to EMFs but whether these EMFs are congruent or incongruent with our own.

Some frequencies are congruent and help in healing, while others are incongruent and cause a loss of homeostasis.

Ever wonder why health professionals increasingly recommend people with depression put down their iPhones and go for a walk in nature? 

The earth carries an electrical current that is normally congruent with our own. In contrast, iPhones, if unshielded, are not.

EMFs are Electrical Stressors

Dr. Magda Havas is one of the leading academics on EMF health effects. 

She has researched frequencies that help the body heal and restore homeostasis, including PEMF devices, light therapy, and grounding (walking in nature due to the earth carrying healing electrical currents).

More recently, I have been working with LifeWave patches with exceptional results. The LifeWave X39 and X49 patches form a Faraday cage that protects the body. They have had profound benefits for me.

At the same time, some frequencies are incongruent with our body’s frequencies and cause disruption or a loss of homeostasis.

EMF health effects are not a new concept. For example, have you ever wondered why technicians wear shielding when taking X-rays? That’s because the radiation frequency is incongruent with our bodies.

What is new, however, is that since 2010, the amount of EMFs we are exposed to has increased exponentially with each successive generation of new technologies. 

Consequently, many of these EMFs are causing a loss of homeostasis and are increasingly linked in research to EMF health effects.

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Electricity and magnetism generate the power to perform essential functions within the human cell.

Over 23 studies show that EMFs:

  • Target the cell membrane
  • Affect the calcium channel (which regulates internal cell activities)
  • Cause cells to release nitric oxide
  • Deplete melatonin and glutathione (essential antioxidants needed for detoxification).

As a result, this leads to oxidative stress, inflammation, and DNA damage.

All this occurs when external EMFs interfere with the cell’s EMFs, causing a loss of homeostasis.

Through this effect on cells, studies show that EMF health effects can suppress immunity, damage the gut/brain barrier, provoke the growth of pathogens, and inhibit the detoxification of heavy metals.

Moreover, prolonged exposure, leading to DNA damage, may increase the risk of progressing toward a disease process. 

Specifically, in the scientific evidence, EMF health effects have been linked to brain tumors, leukemia, cancer, autism, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Symptoms of EMF Health Effects

A 2001 study identified the symptoms of EMF sensitivity and highlighted the importance of distance (a tip that has allowed me to keep some smart devices in my world).

Hallmark symptoms of EMF health effects are fatigue and sleep disturbances.

The differences in my sleep are so notable that I could not deny that EMFs affected me. Over time, my brain is also less “wired,” which is how I would describe the “feeling of discomfort.”

Furthermore, other symptoms of EMF health effects include headaches, discomfort, difficulty concentrating, depression, memory loss, visual disruptions, irritability, hearing disruptions, skin problems, cardiovascular issues, dizziness, loss of appetite, movement difficulties, and nausea.

It’s unnecessary to have all of these symptoms; depending on whether you are far enough away from the signal, you may not have any of them. 

However, recognising these EMF health effects is crucial for managing and mitigating potential impacts on your well-being.

Identifying EMF Health Effects on Lab Testing

Studies show that EMF health effects can manifest as various markers in laboratory tests. Specifically, EMF sensitivity can show up as:

  • Low melatonin*
  • Low glutathione*
  • High cortisol*
  • Oxidative stress*
  • Chronic inflammation*
  • Low sperm count/testosterone in men*
  • Low progesterone in women*
  • Depression, insomnia, fatigue, hyperactivity, brain fog, and addiction issues*
  • Depressed immune function (leading to bacteria and viruses)
  • Leaky gut and brain barriers
  • Representative markers are all available on a DUTCH Complete Test, which I find an extremely useful assessment tool for identifying EMF health effects.

Dr. Klinghardt also reports that LDL cholesterol (on a lipid blood panel) is protective against EMF exposure, and a high LDL may be a clue to investigating EMF health effects.

Situations Where EMF Health Effects Should Be Prioritized

Moreover, there are a few situations where EMFs should also be prioritized, including:

  • Heavy metals (including amalgams, as research shows EMFs cause mercury to leach from the amalgams)
  • Retroviruses and viruses (one study found that a 7-minute phone call on an unshielded iPhone could reactivate Epstein Barr Virus)
  • Mould (where research shows massive replication of the mould by the EMFs)
  • Chronic infections (especially Lyme and Co)
  • Autism, and
  • Alzheimer’s

The research literature strongly links these conditions to EMF health effects. Furthermore, Dr Klinghardt is firmly of the view that EMFs directly impact the rate of clearance of Lyme and Co.

EMF Health Effects, histamine intolerance, autoimmunity, mastcell activation, Alison Vickery, Health, Australia

Key Strategies to Mitigate EMF Health Effects

Everyone’s situation is unique. Therefore, I will address only basic principles to help you develop an action plan.

  1. Night-Time Exposure: First and foremost, this is the most important factor to consider, as the brain (after the heart) is the second highest generator of EMFs, and nighttime is when it runs its housekeeping functions.

  2. Sources of EMFs: Consequently, EMFs are linked to wi-fi, any appliance that uses wi-fi, and electricity.

  3. Problematic Devices: Specifically, the most problematic devices are cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi routers, baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, iPads/laptops, and smart meters. They send out a pulsing signal every few seconds to locate a cell tower or modem, and it’s the pulsating signal that is problematic, not the device itself.

  4. Electricity and EMFs: Additionally, electricity is an EMF, so emissions will be higher when a device is plugged in.

  5. Complex Situations: Lastly, if your situation is particularly complex, hiring a building biologist who can assess your environment may be necessary. This includes living in high-density housing near a cell tower, solar or wind power installations, or an electric car station.

By addressing these key areas, you can begin to mitigate the EMF health effects impacting your well-being.

Essential Steps For Mitigating EMF Health Effects

Step 1: Identify Exposure Levels

First, hire or buy a meter to measure your EMF exposure. This will help you identify key sources and make informed decisions. 

For example, my Apple TV has high emissions, so I unplug it when not in use and wire it in instead of using Wi-Fi. This method effectively reduces EMF health effects.

Step 2: Systematically Reduce Exposure

Next, the goal is to use technology wisely to reduce EMF health effects. 

I prioritised my bedroom by:

  • Turning off Wi-Fi at night with a timer
  • Unplugging unnecessary electrical appliances
  • Switching my iPhone to airplane mode
  • Using a Belkin adapter to connect my phone to the router
  • Removing my metal bedhead

These steps helped create a safer EMF environment at night.

Step 3: Heavy Metal Detoxification

Moreover, metal conducts electricity, and EMFs can release mercury from amalgams. 

Removing mercury amalgams with a biological dentist can significantly reduce hypersensitivity to EMFs and other EMF health effects.

Step 4: Treatment Protocols

Finally, addressing exposure is crucial for mitigating EMF health effects. 

Internally, propolis, rosemary tinctures, high doses of ascorbic acid, and melatonin can help.  Furthermore, LifeWave patches (X39 and X49) also provide beneficial EMFs for protection. 

Laboratory and autonomic response testing determine the best support for mitigating EMF health effects.


In conclusion, EMFs are real.

Whether you are EMF-sensitive depends on your circumstances. If you are EMF-sensitive, this can profoundly influence your health.

However, simple switches and hacks can resolve these issues. Many cost no money and leave you at no risk of a histamine attack or mast-cell degranulation, thereby mitigating EMF health effects.

In this blog post, I have provided a top-line summary to help explain the importance of these issues.

Resolving EMF exposure has significantly impacted my health, and I sincerely hope understanding EMF health effects can help you as well.

You can learn more about healing on my blog post How To Heal.

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