One of my current frustrations is that 23andMe™, and online report readers, are used to self-diagnose rather than get the lab test for histamine intolerance.


Here is a report from a popular online 23andMe™ report reader of the “DAO” snps from one of my clients.

HIT result 02

You could be forgiven for thinking that this person actually has a high probability of diamines oxidase (DAO) deficiency. But they don't.

ImmunoPro Blood Test

Only problem is here is a blood test that proves that she does not have DAO deficiency.

HIT result 01



Which Test Is Right?

So what could have gone wrong? And whom should she believe?

Here is why the online report reader should be disregarded:

  • DAO on the report is not diamines oxidase. It is actually d-amino acid oxidase. They are not the same.
  • The current name for the DAO gene is AOC1. Its previous name was ABP.
  • Around seven AOC1 snps contribute to DAO deficiency whilst three AOC1 snps were even found to enhance DAO. Even so these SNPs did not provide a working model of histamine intolerance.
  • None of the report readers report on any of these 7 snps of AOC1.
  • 23andMe™ does collect the data for these 7 snps, meaning they can be mapped on the Livewello™ app, but 23andMe™ just shows the genetic possibility, not the actual expression of the gene.

Here is why the blood test is a better guide:

  • It is an accurate assessment of available DAO within the blood at the time of collection.
  • BUT DAO can change depending upon your diet (the higher in histamines the less circulating DAO). If you have DAO deficiency on your first test, it is worth retaking the test after implementation of a low histamine diet, to determine the DAO Deficit. This is considered the gold standard in DAO deficiency diagnosis.
  • BUT DAO deficiency can change over time, particularly with any gut damage, and
  • DAO deficiency is not the sole cause of histamine intolerance. It is just one of them.

The bottom line is if you suspect histamine intolerance then get tested. Its around A$150.

It will help to rule in or out DAO deficiency as the source of your histamine intolerance, and that will help to provide targeted solutions, to help you reduce your symptoms quicker.

Additional Resources

SciTech Laboratory in Germany runs all the tests but it now has distributors in most countries including:


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