December 20, 2013 9:00 pm

Natural Antihistamine

Looking for a natural antihistamine alternative?

Dr. Janice Joneja, a renowned Canadian dietician and pioneer in the research of allergies and food intolerances, offers a compelling alternative.

I discovered her groundbreaking book, “Dealing with Food Allergies,” after my histamine intolerance diagnosis. In it, she introduces a natural antihistamine that effectively manages symptoms without the side effects of conventional medications.

Why Consider A Natural Antihistamine Alternative?

Considering a natural antihistamine alternative is crucial for several reasons.

Firstly, long-term use of conventional medications can lead to tolerance, reducing their effectiveness over time.

Secondly, chronic use can destabilize the histamine system. Specifically, it can alter the balance of histamine receptors, leading to increased sensitivity and allergic reactions when these medications are discontinued.

In contrast, natural antihistamines provide a safer, more sustainable approach to managing histamine intolerance long-term.

Dr Joneja's Recipe

Here’s Dr. Joneja’s recipe, which you can easily create at home or obtain from most compounding chemists.

While many use baking soda in detox baths, they rarely pair it with potassium bicarbonate. Including both ingredients is crucial for this particular recipe to be effective.

How This Natural Antihistamine Works

The rationale for this antihistamine is simple.

Hypoxia occurs when the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level.

Oxygen is indispensable for a host of cell functions, including immune function.

Therefore, cells cannot function properly without adequate oxygen, leading to tissue and organ dysfunction and, ultimately, severe health consequences.

Moreover, histamine excess disrupts oxygen and alkalinity in mast cells, leading to hypoxia. By adjusting the alkaline balance, we can stabilize oxygen levels and the mast cell without affecting histamine degradation.


In conclusion, while pharmaceutical antihistamines are effective, their daily use can cause adverse effects, ultimately worsening histamine intolerance in the long term.

On the other hand, alkaline salts, as a natural antihistamine, can manage symptoms effectively.

To learn more about managing symptoms, check out my blog post, 21 Anti-Histamine Foods That Fight Inflammation and Stabilize Mast Cells.

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