The Be.Well Course

My signature online course incorporates the very latest research in health and steps you through this research in a systematic way. 

The first three modules are designed to teach you how to balance your autonomic nervous system using my proprietary Autonomic Nervous System Guidance Scale™.

The last three modules are designed to further create a healing environment from which health can emerge.


  • Restoring balance
  • The inner critic
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Our parts
  • Our spirit body
  • Our autonomic nervous system
  • Our connection to ourselves
  • Navigating the autonomic nervous system with ourselves
  • Our connection to others
  • Navigating the autonomic nervous system with others
  • Our physical bodies
  • Unprocessed trauma
  • Balancing cranial nerves
  • Balancing the autonomic nervous system
  • The autonomic nervous system guidance scale™
  • An overview of sleep
  • The circadian clock and external cues
  • Internal cues
  • Non-sleep deep rest
  • Electro-magnetic fields
  • An overview of detoxification
  • Heavy metals and chemicals
  • Glyphosate
  • The liver
  • The gallbladder
  • The lymphatics
  • What is a balanced diet?
  • Glycaemic regulation
  • All about digestion
  • All about the large intestine
  • All about the mitochondria
  • All about fat
  • All about hormesis