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That LOVES You Right Back!

"When I was starting out on my own health journey I turned to Suzanne. Working with Suzanne is one of the things that made the biggest difference to my health and well-being. I still use the skills that she taught me daily in my life.”


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Clarity & Confidence


To be able to experience clarity and confidence in yourself and your experience of life you need to clear out this junk first.

Clear the junk and you will be surprised how easy the journey to clarity and self-confidence becomes.

“Suzanne has a way of getting you to the root of your block without you even realizing it. She guides you with intuitive ease so you are able to release what is holding you back with tapping. The differences she has made in my life is remarkable. I have noticed specific areas in my life where I used to have conflict or struggles, thanks to Suzanne, I no longer have them.“


Main Program

Tapping Into Transformation


Suzanne’s signature program consists of 6 modules.

It contains Suzanne’s unique combination of EFT’s healing power and the creative power of the Law of Attraction.

This in-depth course will guide you to transform every aspect of your life into the life you love that loves you right back.

"Suzanne is a brilliant practitioner – perceptive, intuitive, and easy to work with. She is great at honing in on the arising issue, using her coaching experience and expertise to help you clear and release it. I have cleared a lot of limiting beliefs during our sessions, and this has helped me to move forward in my healing journey."


Program FAQ's

Here’s what you know about our programs

Suzanne is a Master EFT Tapping Practitioner and Psychologist with over 23 years experience.

She uses a powerful and unique fusion of traditional talk therapy, EFT, the Law of Attraction (Insert Happiness Explosion!) and Matrix reimprinting to bring you real and lasting results.

This unique methodology is reknowned to work when often nothing else does.

She has been a clinical advisor to the Be.Well Program and works one on one with people in the Be.Well Program. 

Yes, you can work through the programs at your own pace, with the ability to easily return to previous sessions. Take as long as you need to master each section of the programs.

Absolutely! There are actually a lot of benefits of working on your own. You do the work when you are ready, in the comfort of your own home (or other place where you feel completely comfortable). When you are really honest with yourself you can have great success.

If you do the work and find that you are not making progress, it probably means that there is a limiting belief that is holding you stuck. Work with a skilled practitioner to heal that faulty limiting belief. Then you will find that you can return to working on your own with great success!

Tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an incredible healing tool that can be self-applied.

The technique is relatively new, although very much supported in Western Medicine. 

The healing concepts Tapping is based upon, can be traced back to Eastern medicine practices from over 5,000 years ago.

Tapping can be used to provide you relief from negative emotions. You might often refer to these as like ‘feeling stuck’ or like ‘something’s blocking you’ from reaching your goals or highest potential.

You can also find relief from chronic pain, stress, anxiety and panic, addictions, phobias, PTSD and physical misalignment. Even depression can be drastically improved by using this technique.

"Suzanne Scarrow's expertise as an Emotional Freedom Technique master has been life-changing for me. Through our monthly sessions, she skillfully guided me in addressing the layers of difficult emotions and memories tied to childhood trauma, including experiences of war and ailing family members. After a year of working with Suzanne, I can confidently say that I am in a much better place emotionally. My emotions are more regulated, and I feel a newfound sense of clarity. Importantly, this transformation has had a profound impact on my nervous system and immune system reactivity. It has significantly accelerated my healing process."


Specialized Programs

Everlasting Weight Loss


Everlasting Weight Loss is designed to re-program your mindset by eliminating negative emotions and beliefs with EFT Tapping, instilling confidence, clarity, and willpower on autopilot for faster, permanent weight loss (hello, gorgeous body).

Don’t begin another weight loss or exercise program before you clear all these roadblocks. Otherwise, you go on the lose-and-gain roundabout, which is disappointing and frustrating.


Relationship Rescue Remedy


You can take three simple steps in the comfort of your home to enhance how you approach your love relationship.

In this program, I will guide you through the steps to ensure you give yourself and your relationship the best possible chance of success.


Ditch The Stress Program


If you’re done with feeling stressed and want to feel peace, calm, and happiness again, but you struggle to find that elusive inner zen, then you’ll want Ditch The Stress in your life.

It’s a new way to get instant relief from feeling as good as possible.

I’ll give you the EXACT tapping steps and scripts to use so you feel calm and empowered, no matter what life throws at you.

Take your tapping on the go with downloadable audios – plus learn to tap in stealth mode!


Addicted to Self Love


Self-love is the secret to everything.

You won’t lose weight and keep it off without loving yourself first.

Without loving yourself first, you won’t have a long-lasting and successful love relationship.

To succeed in your career or business, you must love yourself first.

To be successful in life, you need to love yourself first and then love yourself through all the challenges that come your way.


“I worked with Suzanne in the past and she had a profound impact on my personal growth. Her techniques are simple, but help resolve and work through issues from the past, with an efficiency I've never experienced with other practitioners. Best of all, her amazing personality makes her a joy to work with!"


What People Say

"Each time that I worked with Suzanne I could feel shifts in my health almost immediately. There would be a noticeable improvement in symptoms that I was able to build upon with each session. I am so grateful for her work!"


"Suzanne is a wonderful practitioner. She beautifully witnessed and guided me on a path of self love using EFT to clear negative beliefs about myself and to improve and sustain my health. Our work took the charge out of old memories and current stresses and allowed my body mind to heal. Her tapping programs continue to help me nourish myself."


"I began doing EFT a little over two months ago which Alison Vickery recommended I do. She put me in touch with EFT practitioner Suzanne Scarrow who gave me a great introduction to tapping. I went into it a little sceptical at first but tried to keep my mind open. My first session was mind blowing. I couldn’t believe how it got to the point of things so quickly. Suzanne took me step by step through the journey and made me feel totally comfortable and safe. I’m so excited to keep working with Suzanne. I’m so glad Alison recommended EFT for me. It’s been life changing and it’s only the beginning. Highly recommend."